Class Goal

   The intensive Online 6weeks class is to help students prepare SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2.    Current online class is targeting November 5, 2016 test.

Who can take the class?

    A student who understands/took the algebra2 or pre-calculus.
    A student who can do all intensive homeworks.
    A student who passed the online level-test.*

* Too high level-test score: the students do not need the class. They only need lots of practice tests.
* Low level-test score: the students maybe need more time to prepare the test (6 weeks is not enough).


   Class will be on every Saturday morning (10:00am) during six weeks with 7 classes.    The microsoft Skype is used for the Class. If you have not installed "Skype" on your computer, please download/install it before the class

Class# Date Contents Homeworks
0 - Level test
   It is 1 hour test.    Please click/download the file and solve the problems.
  After finish the test, send me your answers by email or Kakao talk (kakao ID: Thothtech)
1 9/24 - Summarize math IIc topics 1/2
- functions, Inequalities, graphs, trigonometry, polar coordinate system, complex number, matrix, and geometry
- Summary Note (Please download and print it)
Solve the practice tests and make a incorrect note.
Practice test1
Practice test2
Practice test3
Practice test4
2 10/1 - Review practice tests
- Summarize math IIc topics 2/2
- combination, permutation, probability, and sequences
Practice test5
Practice test6
Practice test7
Practice test8
3 10/8 - Quiz
- Review practice tests
Practice test9
Practice test10
Practice test11
Practice test12
4 10/15 - Quiz
- Review practice tests
Practice test13
Practice test14
Practice test15
Practice test16
5 10/22 - Quiz
- Review practice tests
Practice test17
Practice test18
Practice test19
Practice test20
6 10/29 - Quiz
- Review practice tests
Practice test21
Practice test22
Practice test23
Practice test24
7 11/4 - Quiz
- Review practice tests
Good Luck!
* quiz, note, and tests will be available after the class begins.


   Please contact me by phone 617-981-4113 or email .
   Also, you can visit my personal homepage